How Far is This Going to Go?

OK, we've been Trump-trolled, now when is it going to stop?

Now that Comey has testified that Trump, indeed, obstructed justice when he issued threats to Comey's job in order to suppress his investigation into Trump's ties into Russia, but when will Americans see any movement toward impeachment? It's not enough that Trump continues to violate the Constitution, issue irrisponsible tweets that could start wars and embarrass the American public on a daily basis; he's also treading deeply into treasonous territory and needs to be evicted from a place where he's only going to cause more damage. Many people are pointing out that Pence won't be any better, and it's going to take a picture of Trump in bed with Putin to get Republicans to eject the puppet who will sign everything they put in front of him, but the line has to be drawn somewhere... doesn't it?

At least the Republicans are demanding the supposed tapes that Trump has of conversations with Comey, and it's doubtful that they even exist. Nixon analysts are barfing over this investigation, saying that it's much more corrupt than we've previously seen. 

Do you think Trump really has the tapes? Should he be impeached for this or other offenses and if so, do you have any confidence in Pence as a president?


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