How Far Do Your Politics Go?

Do you live blue or red, or are you a casual voter?

There are plenty of casual voters in America. Some even forget to vote. Some say that they just HATE politics. Does anyone, aside from a politician, really love politics, though? Those who care about politics care about their rights (and/or the rights of others), otherwise they, too, would be disinterested. When a vote decides if you have health care, can make your own health decisions, whether or not your school will get funding... it's pretty important.

This year people seem more divided than ever as even long-time couples divorce over their votes. It's especially difficult for sexual assault survivors to come to terms with people voting for a president who openly admits to sexually assaulting women on tape, even if previous presidents were later found to be perpetrators, too. Even so, many women still voted in favor of said candidate, proving that misogyny is deeply internalized as well.

How much do politics permeate your life? Do you discuss it with people on a daily basis? Tell us in the chat.

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