Help Indonesia Tsunami Victims

Volcano continues to cause problems

Hundreds of lives were lost in last week's terrible Indonesian tsunami caused by Anak Krakatau volcano, which continues to cause issues both in the area as well as for flights near Indonesia. The volcano's activity remains active, creating a danger zone around the area for five miles. Previously it had been two. Tourists and locals alike have been forbidden to step within a five-mile radius.

In order to help those who lost their homes and loved ones in the deadly tsunami, organizations like OXFAM are helping out with hygiene kits, providing toilets, distributing water and carrying out other emergency services. OXFAM is a great organization to give your annual holiday gift or monthly giving to. They are always helping people in need, whether it be helping with clean water in Puerto Rico (something the United States needs to be focusing on) or providing food in Yemen. You can donate or share this link to donate.

Where do you usually contribute each year? Do you have a special charity that's close to your heart? Tell us about it.

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