Gun Control Now

The United States has a GUN problem.

It's not a mental health problem. Funny how if the shooter isn't white, it's labeled terrorism, but every time a white supremacist murders a bunch of people, it's his "mental illness." It's not a violent video game problem, either; peaceful nations around the world have plenty of violent video games and citizens with mental illness without mass shootings every week. It's a GUN problem. There is NO reason citizens need automatic weapons. Zero. Zip. There are more guns than people in this country and it's time to stop that, to stop reckless gun sales without background checks and waiting periods, and to ban assault rifles.

The House is ready to act, but the Senate is blocking progress toward saving American lives. Tell Mitch McConnell to stop it and allow this legislation to pass. Then do it again. And again. Then call your senators, your representatives, every day. Call your friends and family and tell them to call theirs, too. We can't allow this outrageous bloodshed to happen on our watch any more, and we're certainly not letting one rich white guy block us all from a more peaceful, safe life.

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