Graduation Legacy for the Environment Act

Filipino law requires environmental stewardship

This is exactly the kind of law we need in the modern world! A new Filipino law stipulates that all students must plant 10 trees in order to graduate. This makes as much sense as a biology lab or Constitutional test to me. Environmental stewardship should be integrated into all subjects in modern education if we want to be able to keep living on our home, and it needs us to take care of it if we don't want to roast and be forced to leave or become extinct. As somber as it sounds, the time is nigh to act, and this is a fantastic step in the right direction.

My high school did have a community service requirement, but it was only 20 hours for a civics class that had zero stipulations on what kind of volunteering it could be, so you had lots of kids just "volunteering" at their parents' places of work and other meaningless ventures. I volunteered at a hospice and found it very rewarding, but I think having an environmental component could be very helpful.

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