Government Shutdowns Are Unacceptable

Human lives aren't worth temper tantrums

The big orange baby with the tiny hands, AKA the president of the United States, is throwing another temper tantrum and shutting the government down for what I believe is the third time in his term. Why? Oh, it's over that terrible wall that he not only promised his xenophobic supporters but that he also promised Mexico would pay for, of course. What else would it be over? And while people say that it's not really affecting anyone all that much, that's incredibly untrue. It's not just affecting the parks, either.

Not only are non-essential employees not receiving a salary right now, which means that those who live paycheck to paycheck are probably taking out loans to make it into the New Year, but people who receive food stamps, disability benefits and other benefits are also impacted, which could mean no groceries, no medicine and even, as a result, no life. That's right: Trump's tantrum over a wall could result in many American citizens actually losing their lives. While people who already obtain benefits will thankfully continue to do so, there will be delays in processing new accounts, which is where the danger lies.

Can we just get rid of this guy already? Can we get rid of the very idea of government shutdowns? The only people who should be able to shut it down are the Ameican people. 

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