Gorsuch: The Most Religious SCOTUS Nominee

Pro-Choice people all across the country are hoping one thing right now: that Supreme Court justice Ginsberg miraculously stays alive for another 50 years. In fact, many are even pledging to give her any needed organs to stay well and kicking in order to combat any nominees that Trump puts into the Supreme Court, which is not an unfounded cause for concern, given that his nominee, Neil Gorsuch, is likely the most religious man ever considered for the job. The ultra conservative is the person who ruled that Hobby Lobby did not have to provide contraceptives for its employees, not only giving the business an unprecedented personhood status but setting up a rule where any business could also receive the same special treatment, opting out of life-saving medical coverage that many employees require because of their religious beliefs.

Do you think Gorsuch is a good choice for the Supreme Court? Do you think Democrats owe him approval after Republicans refused to confirm President Obama’s last nomination all last year?

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