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Speak now or forever hold your peace

The upcoming midterm election is the hottest political race I have ever witnessed. It feels even more heated than Bush II's election. After witnessing the damage one reality star and his heavily one-sided Congress and House of Representatives can inflict the last two years, hopefully the "blue wave" we've been promised will be more than the wishful thinking that many are afraid it may turn out to be. Then there's the voter complacency between those who don't vote and those who waste votes on third parties. Yes, in an ideal world you should vote who best suits your views and it would be lovely to move away from this decrepit system, but when you're battling fascism, which is on the rise around the globe, you pick the candidate who can beat the one who's going to take away your right to an abortion or revoke your best friend's citizenship.

There are still plenty of support for Trump and his crew, particularly from the white nationalist and pearl-clutching white women crowds who fear having their priority status taking away from them in the name of equality, but I sincerely hope that people are able to vote to at least put some balance into the House and Senate to help check all of these decisions being made by a single party when the majority of Americans don't support these decisions.

Find your polling place here and go vote.

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