Getting Out the Vote at Halloween

Do you do it or not?

Going door-to-door dressed as a political figure can be amusing, especially when it's not an election year and you're totally in character. George Washington, all gross and zombie-fied? Absolutely! But what about pushing your political agenda while you trick-or-treat with kids?

I've handed out voting leaflets during Halloween before, but today I think better on it after an unfortunate experience we had with friends who were on the opposite side of the political spectrum from us one year. It was already a hot Halloween, which makes it a bit unpleasant in the Midwest (where it's the heat, not the humidity that gets ya) and my daughter's friend not only dressed up as a candidate's wife (which was funny enough, and she really could have been anyone in the costume) but told jokes at the expense of our candidate at each door. 

Yeah. That kind of ruined my night, hearing people respond to her joke and saying really hurtful things about my candidate (as if I didn't hear them already, on any given day), and they just thought it was a riot. We were all scary monsters and having that thrown our way at every house ruined Halloween, so no more mixing politics with trick-or-treating for me. 

How about you? Do you do anything political on Halloween?

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