Genetic Ownership

Another day, another Congressional monstrosity

Does it ever feel like Congress wants anything good for the American people? There are so many partisan bills and laws that seem to be designed to keep the poor poor, the disenfranchised disenfranchised and the rich rich. I can't be alone in feeling so overwhelmed by the daily news cycle, without even watching news programs, that sometimes it makes me sick to my stomach. 

So among those stomach-churning stories is this one, which discusses how Congress wants to sell human genes. Hey, everything is for sale, right? And since they've failed to really regulate science, cloning and other terrifying concepts that continue to emerge as quickly as technology allows, why not just let companies buy our genes while they're at it? This comes after it was previously voted to not allow any patents on genes, by the way.

What do you think about this legislation? I'd say it won't pass but I think our days of doubting the ridiculousness of politicians are over.

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