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Sarah Huckabee Sanders strikes again

Did you miss the memo where White House press secretaries get to determine who gets fired or not? Me too! Apparently Sarah Huckabee Sanders thinks that's just another one of her powers, since she said that Jemele Hill of ESPN's words were a "fireable offense" when she tweeted that Donald Trump is a white supremacist. Sanders is now facing an ethics complaint for her remarks.

Is it not laughable how this Administration makes this kind of comment when they invite someone like Kid Rock, who has made much worse comments about President Obama and Hilary Clinton, and Ted Nugent, who called for the death of our last president, to the White House as guests. It would be laughable, at least, were it not so barf-inducing. Everything about this Administration is a clown show and it would be nice to have a single press conference that was really news-worthy and not full of childish behavior. It feels like we are watching a bunch of kids playing dress-up, acting out scenes that they think would exist in the political world.

Plenty of other journalists have come to Hill's defense, tweeting that they, too, know that Trump is a white supremacist and showing that they are not going to back down just because of Sanders' threats. 

It's not an example of her worst words by far, nor of Spicer's words before her. Which was the most outrageous? Tell us your thoughts in the chat.

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