FGM Now Criminalized in Ohio

Next stop, the world?

FGM isn't likely to be outlawed worldwide anytime soon, but it certainly is condemned by the majority of the world. It won't be until women are actually viewed as equals rather than property that it will come to end end, since it exists not as a way to affirm one's culture, as many are brought up to believe, but to simply control women and prevent them from having any pleasure during sex in order to keep them faithful to their husbands. We can applaud Ohio for outlawing female genital cutting today and hope for the rest of the world to catch on tomorrow. 

Maybe they could outlaw the "husband stitch" next? How about we avoid cutting any women's genitalia without their express permission and need for the procedure (and men's, too, while we're at it: the circumcision for infant boys, while not nearly as catastrophic as that of young girls, is life-altering, painful, unecessary and also can result in death)? 

Have you heard of any other good laws passed this week? Share them in the chat.

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