Environmental 10-Year Challenge

It's looking pretty grim.

So many "10 year challenges" are making their ways around the Internet, and while some of them have been fun, such as the share your first Facebook photo and your latest one, many have been offensive, nasty and, in this case, depressing. Greenpeace released a 10-year challenge featuring photos of the environment from 10 years ago versus our environment today and we can't say we're all that shocked. Can you?

The deforestation photos are sob-worthy. The melted Arctic gives me chills in a terrible way. I don't understand how those of you who don't "believe in" climate change can continue to vote for people who will keep letting this happen. Even if you think humans aren't causing it (we are), can't you agree that we could at least TRY to stop it and make the world safer for future generations? Some of you say humans are a cancer and don't deserve a future; fine. Don't you love sloths, alpacas and cats? They like clean air and water, too. It really shouldn't be a debate anymore. We don't debate whether murder is wrong or not, so why do we debate whether or not murdering our planet and ruining it for the future is wrong?

What other 10-year challenges have you seen that have made you think?

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