Elizabeth Porter Doesn't Care About Children

Lawmaker feels pressured by kids who don't want to die in schools

You gotta love a struggling politician grasping at straws... or strawman arguments... except when you absolutely can't because they're being heartless beasts. Especially when said heartless beasts are given A ratings by the NRA. Putting money and your career before the lives of Americans, no matter what their age might be, is a sure sign that you don't need to be in office anymore.

Florida lawmaker Elizabeth Porter says that children (many of whom will be 18 and voting this year, mind you--just in case that's all you care about) shouldn't have a say in laws. This is hubris of the worst kind. Not only is she talking about American citizens who are being gunned down in their "place of work" but actual people who will be affected by the laws made today more than she, or any people in the House and Senate, will throughout their lives. 

Also, if she thinks homework is so wonderful, she should check out the research on it. Just saying.

What did you think of Porter's comments about not listening to youth about gun issues? Share your thoughts in the chat.

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