Defending Women From Tyrannical Government

What do we even do at this point?

Like many of my friends, I've been writing, calling, tweeting and doing whatever I can to fight these draconian laws being put on women's bodies intended to overthrow Roe v. Wade and send us all back in time to put us in our place. At this point I'm running out of hope. What do we even do? I think they're going to overtun Roe.

I was hoping that the ACLU and other people more well-versed in the law than I am might be able to avoid Roe v. Wade in the battle and argue something against HIPAA violations or something else to even avoid Roe getting put on the chopping block until we can vote a bunch of people out next year, but is that even possible? I've watched too much How to Get Away with Murder, which is ironic since that's exactly what the Right is going to do--get away with murdering the thousands of women who will die without access to healthcare, just as they did before it was legal--which, by the way, was only illegal in the first place due to doctors wanting money that midwives and healers were getting! Did you know? It used to be so common that people even sold anti-abortion meds door to door and in the newspaper. Nobody batted an eye. This is all about controlling women.

Given that most of the nation is pro-choice in some capacity, this is also tyrannical because it's going against the majority of citizens' wishes, but what did we expect? The Right has been gerrymandering and building up to this day for decades and everyone who got their panties in a twist over Hilary's emails is complicit, as far as I'm concerned. We knew this would happen when Merrick Garland wasn't confirmed for SCOTUS and now Trump's stacking conservative judges like Jenga pieces, getting it all lined up to keep us subservient or dead.

What are you doing to avoid complete and utter despair? How are you fighting the good fight that our grandmothers fought and won that we now have to keep fighting over and over again instead of something that is an actual threat to actual living people like, Oh, I don't know, global warming? 

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