The Death Penalty Is Outdated And Unconstitutional

Let's end it, like California is doing

Several states have either banned or discussed banning the death penalty, including California, where the governor has dubbed it an archaic and cruel practice. Over 150 people have been exonerated on death row since the 1970s and that number is likely far below the number of innocent people who have been put to death for committing a crime. The very fact that we can't ever convict a person with a 100% certainty is proof enough that the death penalty shouldn't be used. 

The practice also goes against our laws against cruel and unusual punishment. In 2019, is there anything more cruel and unusual than putting someone to death? How are you any different for executing a person whom you've claimed killed other people? It's also outrageously costly for us to keep up with, with life in prison costing much less. There are dozens of reasons why this practice, which I once supported, should have been outlawed ages ago and we can't call ourselves an evolved people until we stop thinking that killing one another is ever okay.

What do you think of California's decision?

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