Brits Think Our Healthcare Is Outrageous

Can you blame them?

There's a video going around about how shocked British people are to discover the costs of healthcare in the United States. Watching it made me tear up a bit, knowing how we could have it, knowing that most of the developed world has free or near-free healthcare and here we are with our for-profit system that's letting people die every single day.

Perhaps what's really sad are the people who think it's fine for politicians to get healthcare, or for the elderly to get Medicare, and for the system to pay for everything from our education to the military... but not healthcare because "the government will just screw it up." Tell me, how great is your healthcare as it is? I have insurance and I still avoid going to the doctor unless it's an emergency due to copays, many of which are totally hidden until after the appointment. My teenager was once charged for a "surgery" when we had an in-office scope done to look at vocal chords! We had no idea until we got the bill in the mail!

Do you think the U.S. is ready for single payer healthcare? What do you think about universal healthcare?

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