The Best Trump Hurricane Memes

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As much as Trump terrifies us (and the rest of the world), sometimes he does offer us such ridiculousness that we can't help but laugh. When he shared an obviously doctored photo of Hurricane Dorian, complete with a Sharpie swirl, the Internet went bonkers making fun of it and it was the most fun we've had since the day before he was "elected" in the first place.

Seriously, if you're having a rough day, go back and revisit some of these memes. You won't be disappointed in how funny they are, and it will make you feel like you're not alone as you laugh at the toddler in chief with the rest of the sane world. Need more? These are even better.

What were your favorites among the Sharpie memes? Share them in the chat! Don't forget to see how you can help people who survived the hurricane here.

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