Ban Guns From Those With Restraining Orders

This is just common sense

Gun violence restraining orders, also known as GVROs. Ever heard of them? Experts say that one of these could have thwarted the Parkland school shooter. These orders allow police and family members to bar people who seem to be a threat from possessing a gun. Based on the shooter's social media posts, he was a threat long before the shooting, and the people who spoke out about him could have led to his GVRO if Florida would only have GVROs in the state. Of curse it doesn't; in fact, the state has some of the most lax gun laws in the nation.

So does my state, Missouri, where Stand Your Ground has also passed. Over the weekend a man shot and murdered his estranged wife right in front of their three young children less than five minutes from where I live, then shot and killed himself. She had issued a restraining order against this man months ago. You can help her family here.

His weapons should have been taken from him immediately. Three women die at the hands of their intimate partner daily in the United States and 91 people die due to gun related violence each day. It's no wonder some countries have travel warnings against us.

We need to take the guns away from people who intend to murder as a start. It's just common sense. 


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