Background Checks Bill Introduced by House

Think it will pass this time?

We finally have a Blue House and that house has just introduced a Background Checks Bill, H.R. 8, which would strengthen background checks and close the federal loophole, giving us just a tiny bit more protection against gun violence. Last year we saw romaine lettuce banned after a few dozen people fell ill, but we lose 100 people a day to gun violence and nothing gets accomplished save for 'thoughts and prayers.' Many politicians, particularly those who have the NRA in their back pockets, even call for MORE guns, outrageously wishing to arm teachers and train students to handle guns.

I had a bus driver with a gun when I was in school. It was terrifying to find out that she carried every day while I was on her bus full of rowdy kids who could have easily nabbed it out of her purse. It's high time something was done about the gun violence in this country and this is only a first step. If you support it, please click here to tell your reps to pass it.

What do you think should be done to cut down on gun violence in the United States?

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