An Assault Rifle Ban

It's well past time

It is absolutely reprehensible that we're allowing this carnage to continue. A school shooting a week? 90 people dead every day? And for what? So you can carry a gun around and feel tough? No. This is NOT a partisan issue. It all comes down to your own pockets.

Members of Congress, we implore you: Do it now before there's more blood shed, more lives gone because YOU wouldn't do anything. Do it now because come November, if you don't, your time is up. We're SO done with inactive people kowtowing to the NRA instead of passing common sense gun laws. We're not even asking for ALL guns to be banned. (Maybe we should...) We're asking that they be as regulated as fishing or driving or getting an abortion! These kids storming your offices and demanding your protection? They're not going away, and soon they'll all be voting, too. 

Do it now.

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