Another Day, Another Rally

Because that's about all the guy can do

Donald Trump seems to think he's still campaigning. He gave this bombastic, ridiculously long speech in Arizona last night and basically attempted to divide the nationa harder than ever. I'm wondering if it's this man's intention to create another civil war in the United States because that's the way it feels as if this road is going. Perhaps he witnessed just how unified everyone seemed on Monday during the eclipse and thought, "Nope, gotta keep 'em separated." 

In the first few minutes of his speech, he spoke nonstop about--wait for it--how many people came to see him speak. This guy! He is absolutely ridiculous. It feels like America is a reality show and it's absolutely disgusting. Maybe he's a wax figure our robotic overlords constructed to help end this computer simulation we are all running. He said there weren't many people protesting him when there were thousands at the rally. He went on to defend his comments, talk about how his words are the best, and condemn the press yet again because that's about all he knows how to do. 

Mr. Trump, just resign already. You have no idea what you are doing and it's time to let someone with some experience come in, make the 200-plus appointments we need and actually lead this nation.

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