Animal Abuse A Felony?

Something everyone can agree on

A bill that makes animal cruelty a felony on a federal level was just passed in the House in a unanimous decision, demonstrating how all parties can work together when they really want to do something. Great, they can all agree that hurting animals is horrible; now why don't they all agree that global warming is, too?

This is great news, though, even if not everyone agrees what constitutes as animal abuse. Farming, for example, is riddled with animal abuse, and it would take a massive overhaul to make the practice humane, particularly in factory farms. Even then, many would still argue that eating animals is cruel in and of itself, and we'd be back to square one again with the role of meat in terms of climate change, too.

Still, this should be considered a victory, as many bipartisan bills should, and a reminder that we definitely can work together when we want to. Do you know of any other examples lately? Share them here in the chat.

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