Actions To Take In Under A Minute

Click through to act today!

Looking for a way to take some quick action on your lunch break today? Click through these petitions to share your voice and to speak up for those who can't for themselves.

End Factory Farming: The Farm System Reform Act is set to ban CAFOs, phasing out inhumane factory farms that not only hurt animals but also engage in unhealthy practices for those who eat them. Click here to learn more and to write your senators.

Stop School Prayer: Trump wants to enforce prayer in schools instead of keeping church and state separate like they belong. Click here to learn more and to tell him that religious freedom is part of the foundation of our country.

Protect Social Security: Trump's trying to take it away from Americans with disabilities. This will result in thousands of lives lost like it did last time Reagan did it. Click here to read more and to tell him to leave social security alone.

Stop Facial Recognition on Campus: Facial recognition software is a dangerous violation of privacy to us all, and now it's being considered for use on college campuses. Click here to learn more and to speak out against it.

Do you have any actions to share? Post them in the chat!


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