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Earlier today, I saw a t-shirt that read, "Deport Racists." I LOVE it and want it and want it to be our national strategy instead of deporting immigrants. That said, I could lose some people I love if we made it an official policy. You can still tell Congress to save Temporary Protected Status and not deport immigrants by clicking here. You do know that immigration is lower now than it has been in recent years, by the way? There's no crisis there outside Trump's fearmongering, but there IS a climate crisis he's completely ignoring (unless he's mocking it).

You can also write the Senate today and ask that they reject William Barr, a far-rightwinger who might be an even worse choice for attorney general than Jeff Sessions. While I'm pretty sure Kate McKinnon would do a stellar job impersonating him for our pleasure, Barr would only cause harm as he's a bigot who supports the Muslim ban and doesn't support everything we need, from women's rights to LGBTQ equality. 

Voice your support for Congress's Green New Deal, legislation that we desperately needed decades ago. It would move us forward toward clean energy within the next 10 years. It's dubbed bold but possible and it's completely necessary if we want to continue living on this planet.

You can also demand background checks prior to purchasing firearms from the Senate, which should be a no-brainer. I cannot BELIEVE it's not even the bare minimum.

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