GOP Loses Support Among Women

GOP Loses Support Among Women

Gosh, I wonder why

Color me shocked. New poll data has indicated that women are growing increasingly mistrustful of the Republican party.

I wonder if it has anything to do with the war the right is currently waging on my right to control the functions of my own uterus. Generally I'm disinclined to vote for anybody who insists that my ability to make decisions about my health care makes me a slut. It would seem that women across the board are starting to feel the same way. Only 36 percent of women favored Republican control in a survey released last Monday, as opposed to 42 percent of women in a poll conducted this past summer. Fifty-one percent of women in the recent poll wanted to see the Democrats in charge. 

It seems that the whole hullaballoo over reproductive rights has actually served to hurt the Republican nominee's chances of challenging Obama in the upcoming election. No matter which clown emerges as the GOP contender, he will be a privileged white man who believes in restricting women's access to birth control and other health care services. His speeches will forever be haunted by the echoes of Rush Limbaugh's "slut" rant. Whoever comes out on top, he will not be an ally to women and their rights--and we're beginning to realize that on a massive scale.


Even those women who generally find themselves aligning with Republican beliefs have become frustrated with the sheer amount of time and effort that's been spend on the contraceptive debate. Whether or not conservative women agree that all women should have birth control covered as part of their health insurance, they do believe that there are more important issues at hand. The economy is still struggling, gas prices are rising, and foreign tensions are still stirring across the world. Yet here we are at home fighting over a pill.

In a way, though, I'm grateful that the Republicans have had such an impressive platform atop which to make fools of themselves. They seem to forget sometimes that women are voters as much as men are. That every time they drop an implicit or explicit sexist slur, they lose another few thousand votes from this half of the population. They don't seem to realize that attacking social norms that have been in place since the '60s makes them look more like anti-feminist activists than real politicians. And that's a good thing for those of us who would like to see Obama with all his wherewithal continue to lead.