The Artwork that Franklin Delano Roosevelt Inspired from Artist of his Day

The Artwork that Franklin Delano Roosevelt Inspired from Artist of his Day

A print collection that gives us a look into a different time

When we think of life during FDR’s presidency we are usually filled with images of dislocated families and people living on the brink of starvation. That image is commonly replaced with new images of road workers, new farmers and a multitude of factory workers. We often overlook creative expression during his time, when in fact creative expression was at the heart of his economic programs.

There were numerous art pieces depicting how America was restoring itself through hard work during FDR’s time. Some artist used various methods to depict the buildings and trades workers, creating powerful pieces that would recreate an image to that time in history long after that time had passed. The print pictured is titled Amateurs and was an original wood carving by artist Paul H. Landacre and is part of the At Work expedition.

Within this collection of prints are also several pieces that represent the FDR agriculture program. These prints show us all a time in history that allowed people to work their land physically by hand, unlike farming today with our technological advances. Jackson Pollock created the lithograph that is pictured in the print titled Stacking Hay, the original was dated between 1935 and 1936.

The Lithograph titled Strike News by artist Minna Citron is one of my favorite prints out of this collection. It expresses a darker side than the other prints and evokes feelings of sadness and uncertainty whereas the others remind us of hope and strength. This collection is a passage to a different time and a representation of the work of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.