Tell the Senate We Need Coronavirus Relief Immediately

Call your senators today!

While too many Americans are still partying like its 1999, I'm so proud of the many who've chosen to engage in social distancing to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus. Then there are many citizens in states that are under mandatory self-quarantine, which is likely where we're all headed.

All of these Americans are in dire need of help with expenses and bills during this time--much more than Wall Street was. Some nations have helped their citizens with suspending payments to utilities and housing costs, and while some of these emergency measures are being implemented in the U.S., that doesn't stop people from having expenses and bills to pay while under self-isolation. This is why passing a stimulus package is so important not just for the economy (as the business-minded people in Washington seem to only care about) but for people's very lives.

Please call your senators today and ask them to pass emergency funding immediately. 

Have any other actions to share? Post them in the chat.

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Elizabeth Warren Has Always Been A Fierce Force

The only person making her "unelectable" is you

After Elizabeth Warren took down Mike Bloomberg at the last debate, I was surprised to hear all of the people who were shocked at her tenacity and grit. "She really let him have it!" they exclaimed. They said she really brought her A-game but c'mon, folks: if you've been paying attention, that's what she's been doing for at least a decade and a half since I've been following her. This is a woman KNOWN for taking down rich people and big business. Why are you so shook?

And stop saying she's not "electable." The ony person making her that way is YOU and your narrow-minded thinking. Start embracing the idea of a woman as president--a woman with a long history of wins, who has been repeatedly asked to run in the past, by the way--and suddenly she's pretty electable, isn't she? And don't make it about a minor infraction here or there along the way: every single candidate in the history of the world will have something. Waiting for perfect is what causes World Wars, people, and there's no such thing as a perfect candidate. 

Honestly is ANYONE electable right now if we have so many Trumpees unwilling to leave his heard? Even if every person against him votes in November, could we still win with the Electoral College putting so much sway in the red states with less people? I don't feel very hopeful. In a system where the popular vote matters little next to the Electoral vote, the system is rigged long before Russia even steps toe into it.

Warren, Sanders--I'll vote for the nominee no matter who it is because we have to try, but Warren is the person with the plans and the chops to do the job right. Sanders would make an excellent VP.

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Voting For Our Lives

Will it even matter--or work?

At this point, I've acknowledged that Trump's policies that hurt us, that hurt every aspect of my kid's life, matter less to many of my loved ones than their own racism. That's it. That's what it all comes down to, and I feel rather helpless, as I know many people do. We've done the talking, we've done the sharing of information, and it just. Doesn't. Matter. They're still scared of all of the "thems" coming to steal their jobs. It blows my mind that that's what they think at all, let alone against challenges like global warming at our door.

And while I read that Milennials outnumber Boomers now, it still doesn't give me hope because Milennials, my generation, are too picky. We need to be picky in general, sure, but in the face of freaking fascism, we need to just work together to get the dictator-wannabe out. But even if we vote in record numbers, and even if we all vote for the best person to de-throne him, will it even matter?

Between the Electoral College and Trump's own cronies rigging the system so terribly that he can't even be put on trial for impeachment, I don't know if it's even possible. It feels like we're at the point that even if it happens, and even if the Electoral College sways our way, he still won't leave. He'll argue that it was rigged and do everything in his power to just not leave. Ever. Does anyone else have this sinking feeling?

What do you think would actually work this November? If we could even just take the Senate (and keep the House), maybe we have a chance. What are you doing to combat this hopelessness?

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Should We Adopt Shorter Work Weeks?

Research shows it might be the smart way to go.

Time and time again, research has proven that shorter work weeks equals more productivity in the workplace. This makes total sense, of course: people can concentrate and perform better when they aren't exhausted and burned out. Yet as advanced as our tech has become, our way of thinking remains woefully behind, especially in the west. Many other countries have shortened their work weeks and had positive results.

Microsoft found that a four-day work week improved productivity by 40%! That's an incredible jump, and while we'd have to address how that would translate in terms of everything from employment and wages to hours of operation, it certainly seems like pursuing.

What do you think of a 4-day or shortened work week? Would it make people more productive? How would we go about ensuring everyone still made a living wage when we don't even do that already? Share your ideas in the chat.

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Pelosi Ripped A New One

I'm still pretty worried. How about you?

OK, it wasn't exactly a Sinead O'Connor moment, but watching Nancy Pelosi rip up Trump's speech was still a pretty special moment of protest. Various representatives, like Rep. Omar, had stated they'd either attend to represent the people Trump would like to keep out of the country, while others, like Ocasio Cortez, said they wouldn't because none of this is normal and he shouldn't be legitimized. I think they're all right answers in response to this circus.

My issue, of course, is the next year, followed by another four years. Will Trump even vacate if he's not elected? Some have implied that he'll just call it a "fake election," but after seeing all of his supporters who love white people and nothing else on Twitter after the State of the Union Address, I wonder if it will even be an issue. And with all of the gerrymandering that's happened, can any of our districts even stand a chance? I feel like using the hashtag #thisishowromefell in response. Or how about #allempiresfallandwerenext? Of course, it's not just our country at stake when global warming is about to wipe us out.

What did you think of the representatives' and senators' responses to the Address?

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Save Medicaid

And other quick actions to take

Here are a few ways you can take action for a more progressive nation this week:

Senate leaders want to make it a requirement for people who receive Medicaid to complete "busy work" in order to receive benefits, which ultimately hurts people who are laid off, work in seasonal jobs or are otherwise affected in ways the Senate obviously is disregarding. Click here to tell them that we don't want this requirement.

Gerrymandering has positioned many distrincts not only into weird shapes but also tipped the scales in favor of the Republican party, leaving democratic districts vulnerable. Tell your senator to reject gerrymandering and all unfair attempts to sway elections.

Do you have any actions to share? Post them in the chat.

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Actions To Take In Under A Minute

Click through to act today!

Looking for a way to take some quick action on your lunch break today? Click through these petitions to share your voice and to speak up for those who can't for themselves.

End Factory Farming: The Farm System Reform Act is set to ban CAFOs, phasing out inhumane factory farms that not only hurt animals but also engage in unhealthy practices for those who eat them. Click here to learn more and to write your senators.

Stop School Prayer: Trump wants to enforce prayer in schools instead of keeping church and state separate like they belong. Click here to learn more and to tell him that religious freedom is part of the foundation of our country.

Protect Social Security: Trump's trying to take it away from Americans with disabilities. This will result in thousands of lives lost like it did last time Reagan did it. Click here to read more and to tell him to leave social security alone.

Stop Facial Recognition on Campus: Facial recognition software is a dangerous violation of privacy to us all, and now it's being considered for use on college campuses. Click here to learn more and to speak out against it.

Do you have any actions to share? Post them in the chat!


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Take Action Today

Share your actions in the chat

Instead of sharing all of the woes of the world today, let's share a few ways we can make the world better. I'd like to start by saying you can phonebank for Elizabeth Warren (or any candidate you support; she is obviously mine), if you would like to help generate some support no matter where you live.

You can also ask that the government help support efforts in Australia. I'm sure that's breaking your heart. It's certainly breaking mine.

Click here to ask legislators to stop "lunch shaming" kids and help ensure that not only kids get enough food to eat but that they aren't bullied because they don't have the funds to pay off a lunch account.

Click here to ask that insulin prices be kept affordable for diabetic patients.

Click here to stand up for people with disabilities and ensure they get their social security benefits.

Obviously there are hundreds, if not thousands, of actions circulating at any time, so please share yours with us in the chat!

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How The French Strike

It seems we've learned nothing

When we look around the world, we often see people protest fascism, inequity and inhumane condtions. We also see people stick it to those who are hurting others, namely people in power or the wealthy. So when the French electrical workers on strike cut the power to law enforcement and the wealthy while restoring it to the poor... it says a lot. Not only about the French, but about Americans.

Americans have bought into this idea that they, too, can be wealthy one day if they just follow the rules and pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Of course most people will never be wealthy, but they want it so much they become little Pick Me drones, rah-rahing for the rich while complaining that the poor are just too lazy. 

This is why we'll never win, folks. Keep blaming one another while the rich do what they want and you keep their system going. 

So how do you think we should be more equality to American soil?

Pelosi Dangles Articles Of Impeachment

As she should

How many bills is Mitch McConnell currently stalling? How long did Republicans stall for Obama's last Supreme Court nomination to ensure it didn't go through? Some may denounce Pelosi's refusal to send the Articles of Impeachment over to our do-nothing (unless it's controlling our bodily autonomy) Sentate but I'm over here applauding it and saying FINALLY. 

We already know there won't be a fair trial from the Senate, AKA Trump's lap dogs, so why should Pelosi get them started on declaring him innocent when he's done SO much more than the charges against him? By the way, Trump's reactions to the whole mess? It's a trainwreck we just can't look away from (but should). I'm still in awe that we have a president who speaks like this in office. 

What do you think will be McConnell's next move--or Pelosi's, for that matter?

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