Pretending to be gay isn’t learning tolerance.

Pretending to be gay isn’t learning tolerance.

Are you gonna get pregnant to see what that’s like next, Mister?

Have you heard about this Christian guy who spent a whole year of his life pretending to be gay just so he could “understand” gay people better? The guy was raised as a Christian and taught that being gay is a sin or whatever—but not that it’s reprehensible to, say, work on Sundays or touch a pig’s skin, as the Bible clearly states, but you know how some people like to pick and choose—and when his friend came out to him as a lesbian, he wanted to understand her. He wanted to so much that he came out to his family, had a fake boyfriend, and pretended to be gay to the entire world for a year.

You, sir, are despicable. What’s next, getting pregnant and having a baby to “understand” women? You’ll need a period first, bucko; good luck with that one.

I have heard people saying that this was a “brave” thing to do. The hell it is. To me it sounds like a ploy to write a book and sell it and—oh, yeah, he did that! I have also heard that the gay people he bonded with over this time expressed a lot of pain and feelings of betrayal, and boy, I don’t blame them at all. Could you imagine? It’s like Hugh Grant pretending to have a kid so he could meet women in About a Boy, but perhaps worse. I don’t care what the goal was, the end result was deception.

Dude, the fact that you couldn’t offer someone understanding, could not discover some compassion in your heart to give a fellow human being without literally being that person, I don’t think you are what Christ intended his students to be by a long shot. Did Christ, say, pose as a leper for a year? No? You’re kidding! I think you’re in a lot of trouble if that’s where your mind went when you thought of just how to offer some understanding and compassion for your friend.

I’ve never been one to side with many evangelical Christians, but I have been a fan of Jesus most of my life. Nobody’s perfect, but he’s pretty decent hero material—and he taught to accept people and not judge them from what I remember. Why is it that his followers don’t get this, again? I just don’t get it.

I don’t wish more Christians were like this man who deceived his whole community. I wish more Christians were like Christ.