It's A Shocker Y'all

I bet you thought that the Obama birth certificate story was dead. In
past years, we were hit by tales of President Obama being born in
Kenya, and in outer space, and was grown in a government lab by CDC
scientists. To hinder Obama, machine Republicans pooped out fibs like
the brown stuff from their behinds. These tall tales helped Mr.
Obama, because, they took the attention away from the real
investigation into Obama's birth.

Stop hating on Speaker John A. Boehner. That "A" in his name ain't
for "Ass" either. There's a reason why he acts like a brandy ass
bitch, and walks around like he's smashed, or is trying to get back
to the pipe. When I lay this news on you, you might wanna grab a
drink yourself, and sit your ass down.

Behind the scenes Obama and Boehner gotta be as close as the realest
brothers in the NBA. My informant came into possession of a document
from the Boehner's family safe. I don't ask how he gets documents.
By now, I'm used to him saying, "You want a snoop or not?"

Here's it short. The informant showed me the hidden Obama birth
certificate that proves EVERYTHING we know about Boehner is false.
Obama and Boehner are brothers.

That's a shocker. But it explains much. As Mr. Boehner goes on his
grind, the bull crap, which he spreads, smells so bad, that he sends
people stampeding from him and the Republicans to Obama and the
Democrats. He's not Obama's secret hoe or bitch. He's his older
brother, doing some good looking out for family, like bros are taught
to do.

Look at the way Boehner beefs with Obama, like an insecure bitch ass.
He fights him on everything, knowing damn well that he's gonna lose.
Now, you know the whole situation. He 's helping his younger brother's

I'm not waving Obama's banner. I know how politicians think, the
way we used to think as kids, that when we rode in a car, the moon
followed us everywhere. We thought that we were so important that the
MOON followed us. Obama, Boehner, Democrats, Republicans, think
they're so important that we are supposed to follow them to where ever
they lead, and accept everything, and look dumb. The Republicans want
to lead us to dumber places. So Boehner: Yay!


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dc person

stop picking on boehner. he can't help it if he drinks too much, and goes around looking smashed. you would too, if you had to deal with the tea party.


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A Citizen

Boehner's a great American? Please. Go sit down somewhere. I bet you can't name one great thing he's done. Or one good thing. Or one okay thing. I bet you can't even name one half-ass thing, he's done. Because that dude is all ass. John A (for ASS) "Bonehead" Boehner.


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Let's not dis' Mr Boehner 100% (aka Mr Orange) without overlooking the hugely backward regressions proffered my his associate Mr. Turtle (aka Mitch McConnell). These two ANTI-Americans worked diligently for ALL of Obamas first term to HOLD BACK America and avoid anything like a financial recovery. Any financial recovery would have made them look worse. Guess what? You were 'busted' in the last election. Mr. Orange and Mr. Turtle. ANTI-Americans.


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Boehner is incompetent as a speaker, as much as I would like to think his incompetency is due to hitting the sauce. It's a entirely different cause....CAUSE HE'S A LITTLE WHINNY ASS BITCH! Who.has gone too far he acts like a child who has a hissy fit....when his demands aren't met..
He can suck it! What he is really?? Is a turd in the toliet that refused to be flushed uless you add more water ...lmao!! Yep,yep I said it!


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