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Interesting parent news

Parenting laws are changing across the world.

A couple of interesting parenting laws caught my attention this week that I wanted to share. Both of them, I believe, are positive laws that could help create a better climate not just for nontraditional parents but also children in our ever diverse world.

The first law is more of a rule. A Rhode Island school has banned all father-daughter dances, claiming that the dances break state laws against discrimination. I think this is wonderful because many children don’t even have a father or a mother and they remain left out to begin with—and students with two mothers or a grandmother could then attend a dance without feeling left out from having a father as a dance partner.The second piece of news is about France’s official parent documentation. The country is banning the words “mother” and “father,” opting instead for “parent” as the country strives to legalize gay marriage. This is so wonderful not only for gay families, but also for families who do lack one parent or the other for any reason. 

Both heterosexual and homosexual couples will be given equal adoption rights under this law as well, which I would love to see occur all over the world despite Rupert Everett’s remarks. If a child can grow up with loving parents rather than none, it is our duty to provide that family for him or her.