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One more chance for change

Can an election turn the tide of ignorance?

It's an election, not your child's little league game – not everyone goes home with a trophy. In the real world, there are winners and losers. I choose to keep politics off my personal social media most of the time. My reasons are two-fold: I don't see the point in starting fights with family and friends that disagree, and I don't want to see those I care about making fools of themselves. Yet, biting my tongue last night took every ounce of strength I possess.

As the Obama votes rolled in, my husband and I rejoiced. Sure, we are realists and don't expect any big changes. Yet, I also honestly believe a Romney vote would be a vote backward. I wasn't always anti-Republican and I may not be in the future, but in recent years the red party has become increasingly conservative and religious. As a student of history, I know that is a recipe for disaster.

Perhaps the saddest thing I have witnessed is the failure of our public schools. So many woe-is-me posts about how our votes don't count flooded Twitter and Facebook yesterday evening. So few understood the basic working of our electoral process and the electoral college. Suffice it to say your vote does matter.

Even fewer understood basic mathematics, wondering how states could be called without all the popular votes in. Seriously? If 55 percent of the voters chose Obama, and only 20 percent of the ballots remained to be counted, it was mathematically impossible for Romney to win. Even the arguments that Obama would ruin the country in various ways showed a distinct lack of education in how our government, and the world, operates.

So yes, I voted Obama. Yes, I voted for marriage equality (fingers crossed that it passes in Washington state), and yes, I voted for charter schools and more educational opportunities for our youth. Last night's election chatter shows we need it, and the ignorance stemmed from both sides of the political divide. The vote was too close, and the amount of poorly educated and plain ignorant comments clogging my newsfeeds shows that nothing in our country can improve until we dedicate ourselves to turning out a well-educated society.