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How do you say "Obama won" in Portuguese?

Election Day 2012 on the island of Koh Russei

For the 2012 election, I found myself on the lovely island known as Koh Russei  in southern Cambodia. The island is small, beautiful and well out of the way of Internet, TV and even radio. I hadn’t planned it this way, but fate would have if that on one of the most important days in my country, I was as far removed from the action as humanly possible.

Waking up to the sounds of crashing waves (and the incessant pounding in my head from the previous night’s festivities) on Election Day, I packed my bags quickly so I could catch the first boat back to the mainland to hear the results.

To my dismay, the boat was in fact owned by a company named Romney. This, in my head, was not a good omen. I got a horrible feeling in my stomach after I read that, and I assumed the hour long boat ride back would seem a lot longer with pondering the possibility that Romney may actually get elected.

As I waited for the boat, I saw one of the workers from the only hotel on the island come running up with a computer. His name was Pedro, and he was from Brazil. I wasn’t entirely sure why he was running, or why he was so excited, but as he approached me, he turned his computer so I could see it.

On the screen was a giant picture of Romney, and a lot of words in Portuguese. Before I could say a word, but while I felt my stomach starting to drop, he gave me a big high five and told me how happy he was Obama was re-elected. I sighed a HUGE sigh of relief and prayed a big thank you prayer to the political Gods.

The cherry on top of the beautiful sundae of information? On the same news page my friend had pulled up, I was also informed my home state decided to legalize weed. God bless America!