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You can tell it's the Electoral Season when everyone starts acting like dicks (more so than usual)

That slight explosion means that Obama won. Good to know!

Above pic by Daryl Cagle

For the past couple week’s my Facebook, Tumblr, and even work atmosphere has been filled with the above. It’s a little funny (but not much) how crazily dehumanizing the electoral season can get, and I’ve been eagerly awaiting the election to end. It was a bit odd that there wasn’t much fuss today at work, but that could have been mostly because I was too busy to notice.

We had been refreshing the results online sporadically throughout the night, but had lost track as we got bogged down with inventory. Inventory can take anywhere from 8-11 hours, and we sometimes get stuck working till 2 a.m. Randomly, we heard a large thundering boom and the owner of the store went outside to check it out (as it could have been a gunshot, I suppose). Pretty much when it hit though I heard the cheering, so I just said to everyone, ‘Ah, Obama won then.’ This is Seattle afterall, so I just had to kinda assume a general lack of fireworks in the event of a Romney victory.

So in the end, despite a mostly quiet day for our storefront, the election did end with a bang and not a whimper.