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Election poll confusion

Recent poll results

Well, who knows what to think? Last week Romney was on top in the polls and this week it’s Obama! Sure, there are the conventions of the last several weeks and the poll results could be a barometer of how well each party did. Or, not!

In a nutshell, the Republican convention was designed to introduce Mr. Romney to America on a personal level. This may be absolutely necessary since few people actually know who he is. However, other than Clint Eastwood, it did not make for riveting television—even for Republicans.

The Democratic convention was very entertaining, mainly because of Bill Clinton’s speech. The speech was hyped nonstop—much like a blockbuster movie about to hit the theaters—on every channel and every talk show and newscast. Many people watched simply because they wanted to see if Clinton would go rogue and nail Obama—which he has done in front of a national audience on several occasions.

Alas, it didn’t come to pass. President Clinton came across to viewers as the good old boy with the best interests of the country at heart and he was as believable as always. Of course, he had nothing to say regarding the nation’s record debt or the fact that we spend more than ever before on entitlements. Other than Clinton, the rest of the Democratic convention was a debacle. The Democrats aired their dirty laundry in front of the nation and President Obama virtually begged the voters to allow him to stay in office.

It’s impossible to predict the outcome of this election. However, Republicans have a valid cause for worry. Workers' job prospects have been shredded over the last several years and the government has showered everything from 99 weeks of unemployment insurance to promises of free healthcare on its citizens. Even more worrisome, many workers have come to love the freebies and clamor for even more. They spend their days watching television while living in fear that government support will soon end, instead of getting up off the couch and getting to work.