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Election Day in a mail-in state

Where's m'darn sticker?


Election Day is such a big deal, particularly this year. Social media and the mainstream news media alike are seething with the excitement, the drama, the anticipation. People are posting proud pictures of their "I VOTED" stickers. In some places you can get free stuff for wearing a sticker.
Me? I voted, like, weeks ago. I colored in some boxes and mailed off my ballot, just like every resident of Washington State. Anticlimactic, right?
Earlier today I was bemoaning the fact that we don't get stickers. (I would seriously mail a SASE with my ballot if they would mail back a sticker!) A friend in Seattle sent me a link to the King County website. I was delighted to see that they totally get it! 
King County has collected a list of services and tools you can use to add an "I VOTED" sticker to your Twitter or Facebook icon. They also have images you can download and use, if you wanted to put an "I VOTED" sticker on your blog, or just use it as your profile picture.
Hooray, Election Day is saved! Oh and also democracy, blah blah blah.