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Voting in Ohio

My Ohio vote will count, even if I don’t advertise it to the world.

I don’t love politics. I never have and never will. What I don’t love is the lies and the way the campaign ads like to smear the candidates. Yet, what I also don’t like is the supporters who think they know everything and try to push their views on you.

I won’t say which candidate I prefer as president. Personally, I believe this choice is my own and doesn’t need to be shared with the world. This is why I got really annoyed when a supporter for the other candidate tried to push his views onto me at our common place of business.

Writing is my true love. Yet, this is not the only way in which I make a living. I also operate a small cleaning, painting and remodeling business. During one of my regular jobs, this contractor was hired to do some plumbing work for the owner of the house. He was there to put in an estimate to work. 

While he was there, he began talking politics. He asked who I was voting for and then told me who I should vote for and why. If that wasn’t enough, he began pulling out election flyers out of a folder he had and stated he went to many local campaign rallies, along with his brother. His actions really annoyed me. This was a place of business, he had no reason to be discussing his views or pushing them onto me.

Yes, I care about America. I have my thoughts on who should be President. I hope my candidate wins because I believe he is the best choice. However, this is not something I will discuss at work. It isn’t something I will freely discuss with others. No, it isn’t because I am ashamed of my choice. It is because I have the right to keep my choice private. This is why the campaign sites give us privacy when we vote.

Yes, I am an Ohioan voter. I know how important my vote is. No, I won’t advertise that vote. But my vote will count and it will matter.