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The Week That Was...

"More noms…err… news on this as it happens."

The week in review:

Santorum blew it Michigan.  Most polling showed this race being a dead heat, and that Democratic undercurrent should have been enough to put him over the top and beat Romney. Epic fail.

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Arizona went solidly to Romney.  There is no polling that shows any serious strength for anyone not named Romney in the Grand Canyon state.

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What Would A Second Term Obama Bring Us?

"It seems that labeling Obama as a polarizing moderate would be more accurate than a liberal socialist."

The Republicans want us to believe that if President Barack Obama wins a second term, he will push forward a socialist agenda that makes the last three years look moderate at best.  So, if you don’t like Oabamcare or bailouts, the Republicans are saying, then you really won't like what happens when things turn leftward after 2012. Apparently Obama’s real agenda of far left socialist values will shine through, according to many in the GOP. 

Olympia Snowe Retires: Swan-Song of the Moderate Republican?

Political moderation is a necessity to compromise, and anathema to the Republican base of today.

Yet another piece of evidence that the Republican Party has lost their center (or tipped over, depending on which analogy you prefer), Moderate Republican Senator Olympia Snowe of Maine announced her retirement from the Senate last week. Snowe, at 65 years old, has been one of the few depolarizing voices in a party that has been growing increasingly partisan and radically ideological in the last several years. Citing “an atmosphere of polarization” and “’myway or the highway’ ideologies” as her reason for leaving, she has both opened the door for a Democrat in the Senate, and sent a clear message to the Republican leadership.

The Party of Lincoln No More

Women’s Health Care and Abolition

Over the past couple of weeks, as some Republicans have attacked women’s healthcare, it has struck me that this is no longer the “Party of Lincoln.”  To be fair, I cannot assert that Abraham Lincoln would be a Democrat today.  Fairer still, my own Democratic Party has also over time meandered away from its 19th century focus.  I am grateful for modern, more progressive Presidents from both parties who have carefully negotiated the expanding role of government under our Constitution; always taking care to preserve government of, by, and for the people, according to the immortal words of President Abraham Lincoln.

Romey Wins, But Does America?

Even with a double-header win, is Romney right for America?

Who really won the Arizona and Michigan primaries?  Mitt Romney, of course.  Despite his recent surge, Rick Santorum wasn’t able to pull off another upset in either state.  Santorum will, most likely, walk away with a number of delegates from his close second Michigan, however.  Yet, even with this round of wins and Super Tuesday looming, if Mitt Romney becomes the GOP candidate, who wins? 

Snobery and the GOP Elite

The expectation of college attendance

Snobbery – pure snobbery.  How dare President Obama suggest that all Americans should receive some post high school education!  At least that’s how Rick Santorum feels.  Or does he?  Turns out Santorum himself said that students should have options upon graduating high school, such as college, technical schools, vocational education and the like.  Wait…isn’t that what Obama also said during the State of the Union ?  So, who’s the snob?


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