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Presidential qualifications

Charm or competence?

The Obama administration has been an abject failure. Barack Obama made a personal promise to hold himself accountable for either success or failure during his administration. Yet, he spent the first two years blaming the previous administration by name for his lack of progress.


Since then Mr. Obama and the democrats have been in the business of witch hunting. Whether it is Wall Street bankers, millionaires or the oil industry, Obama must assign hate and blame—instead of hope and change—to someone else in order to remove it from himself.

Conservapedia: All The News Thats Fit To Confuse

"some of the views expressed are—to use the terminology favored by respected political science professors; Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs."

It's fair to say I spend a fair amount of time on the internet (and by “fair amount” I mean “tons) and I often google controversial topics: abortion, gay rights, in-fights amongst cancer fundraising organizations. Strangely, I almost never encounter links to Conservapedia in the first, say 20 pages of hits while researching any of these topics.


If I understood google algorithms a bit better, I'd know exactly why this is, but I suspect that it has to do with the fact that even conversative websites are reluctant to link to Conservapedia. Most likely because some of the views expressed are—to use the terminology favored by respected political science professors; Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.


For example, consider their entry on the “abortion mentality.” Although certain the Catholic Church complains of a“culture of death” and it's not uncommon for conservative and evengelical Protestant churches to use similar langugage, the idea of a “abortion mentality” is a new introduction into this conversation. The writers explain “Under the abortion mentality, abortion itself can become a rite of passage by which college students are initiated into the belief system and then effectively owned by this anti-life belief system for their entire lives.” Apparently, in the minds of the authors, abortion isn't just a medical procedure, it's a commitment to a lifelong philosophy that one develops in college.


Even if this were the case, who remembers what they learned in college?


But there are a few things me and Conservapedia do agree on.


Take, for example, their entry on San Francisco. They describe San Fransciso as the “one of the most beautiful cities in the world.” Well, I agree with that.

This is the view from San Francisco coastline.


They also say San Francisco has had some pretty bad earthquakes. Well that's true too.


Then the authors add “ San Francisco, with a large homosexual population, is also considered to be one of the most liberal cities in America.”


I don't know if San Francisco is one of the most liberal cities in America, after all, Portland Oregon is just up the coast and Portland is so liberal the citizens have to maintain spreadsheets just to keep track of all the different products they're boycotting.


That's It! I'm moving to Canada.

OK then...start packing!

Do you remember the 2008 election?  The Bush years had finally waned and it was time for two new candidates to set the vision for moving our country forward.  Change and Hope were the mantras during the election season.  Dedicated loyal followers of both candidates emerged.  Some so dedicated that they exclaimed they’d move to Canada or Mexico if their candidate didn’t win.  Well, as time went on and Election Day passed, it was Mr. Obama who took office and that didn’t sit well with that right side of the political party bus. But, as I suspected, none of the “I’m moving to Canada” people actually did anything. They just pretended like they never even said any of those things.

More than religion


I read a story about religion in politics today.  I read it with a certain level of trepidation because religion is so often a sword that turns on the

 people who use it in politics today.  It was a story about a small comment made by Governor Brian Schweitzer.  Governor Schweitzer said Mitt Romney’s family came from a “Polygamy commune” in Mexico. 

First things first.  It does not matter how Mitt’s father grew up, or where, or why he lived there.  Not at all.  This race is not about Mitt’s father, or about why he was in Mexico living there in the first place.  Mitt’s grandparents were polygamists, but his parents were not.

Mitt Romney’s religion, like President Obama’s, has no place in any discussion of the 2012 run for President.  Mitt Romney is a Mormon.  Good for him.  End of discussion.

A discussion of Mitt Romney’s false claims about women and job loss would be more welcome, because he fails to point out that women now make up more of the workforce than they did before President Obama took office.

Are Christians liberal?

They are! Just not in America.

“Christians more likely to be left-wing and have liberal views on immigration and equality.” Wait…what’s wrong with this statement?  It is a true statement; just not true here in America.  Christians in the United Kingdom seem to float more to the left than their American counterparts.  

Democrats: Who's Your Opponent?

Who the Dems should really be running against


If President Obama loses in November it will probably be because he ran against the wrong opponent. He ran against Mitt Romney rather than the failed policies of the GOP over the last 30 years. 


Democrats used to know who and how to campaign against Republicans in order to win elections. When Franklin Delano Roosevelt ran for reelection in 1936 he didn’t campaign against his official Republican opponent that year, Kansas Governor Alf Landon. No, instead he campaigned against his predecessor, Herbert Hoover and Hoovervilles.  They reminded voters that any problems the New Deal had not yet fixed was due to the economic legacy of Herbert Hoover and were too horrible to fix quickly.

Tax Day has arrived

What government program are you helping fund?

It is here once again! No, not Christmas, or Halloween – no, not even my Anniversary.  It is Tax Day.  A day that millions of Americans wait for with baited breath.  Even though we filed our taxes a month ago, today is still an exciting day for me.  I work in the mailing and shipping industry and get to hear a lot of stories.  To some I am like their bartender or therapist.  So, as Tax Day rolls around I get to hear about the evils of our government, the excitement over a tax refund, and the woes of having to pay (and waiting until the last minute to do so).

Rep. West is all wrong


According to Rep. Allen West of Florida, between 78 and 81 Democratic members of Congress are members of the Communist party.

I like Rep. West, he’s great for the Democratic party.  He is the kind of politician who lights a fire under progressives and inspires us to greater and more effective exertions in the name of our political beliefs.

Through his statements have made it clear that he understands what Communist means by stating that these members of Congress are opposed to free markets and capitalism. The man had a thought and expressed it. I’m happy about that.  

Let’s look at the “against free markets and capitalism” accusation.

I find it hard to believe that the ranking member and former head of the house Financial Services Committee, Barney Frank, could possibly be a Communist. Do you think anyone in Congress would let a Communist be ranking member of the committee that oversees the Treasury and the Federal Reserve? No party, no American would be dumb enough to do that.

Mitt, Ann and the war on women

Appealing to the middle class, independents and women

So it appears that the United States will have its first real Mormon presidential candidate that has a chance of winning the presidency in Mitt Romney, as Rick Santorum drops out of the race to spend more time with his family and, of course, avoid a second embarrassing defeat in his home state of Pennsylvania.  Now, Romney now has the problem of appealing to the middle-of-the-road and independent voters who are actually going to determine the outcome of this election.


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