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Romney 2.0 - BullyBot

Allegations of high school bullying simply add to Romney's negative personality

Do you remember a number of backs when the Republicans Presidential candidates were holding weekly debates?  There was an instance where Rick Perry got under Mitt Romney’s skin and Mitt placed his hand on Perry’s arm.  There was some chatter that Romney was controlling, didn’t like others to disagree with him, and placing his hand on Perry’s arm was a show of aggression.  At the time, I assumed that the media was blowing the situation out of proportion, but with the recent allegations of bullying by Romney when he was in prep school make me wonder if Mitt really does have an anger problem and is fearful of those that do not conform to his will. 

Obama evolves to support gay marriage

Why does government have to define "marriage?"

The President made it official: he voiced his support for same-sex couples to be legally married.  President Obama has moved from previous views that marriage was defined as man and woman, to providing equal rights through civil unions and has now evolved to his current belief that same-sex marriage should be law.  The timing of this comes just after North Carolina voted to ban gay marriage.  While, I am grateful that the President has finally made his decision as to which side of the fence he will stand on this issue, it is a side that I don’t fully agree with.

Gary Johnson is the Libertarian candidate for president

But...who is he?

Gary Johnson has been selected to be the presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party.  This is the same Gary Johnson that was essentially snubbed from participating in the Republican debates over this past year.  (I think he may have been in one or two of the first debates held.)  Yet, the Libertarians selected him quickly and with and overwhelming majority (over 70 percent).  So, who is Gary Johnson?

Some will evolve; some simply won't

Skulls of mush

I don’t really blame all young people. They simply don’t have the wisdom, knowledge or emotional skill-set necessary to reason in a lucid, rational and mature manner—that’s why they’re kids. They are learning, experiencing and hopefully for all of us, evolving.

On the other hand, there are some of those “kids” who I don’t believe will ever evolve and those are the ones that could very well muck up everything. True, that element has always been lurking around the fringes of the crowd, but there are more of them today and their moral deformity is greater than ever. For the first time in history, a society has been created that caters to their mindset and which supports them physically as well as psychologically.

Newt’s Out!

Does anyone really care?

Newt Gingrich is out – well, mostly.  He announced that he would suspend his campaign and through his ginormous ego and support behind Mitt Romney.  Wait…is this the same Newt who vowed to stay in the Republican presidential contest right up to the national convention in late August?  Yes, the very same.  So the question is, why now?  Did Gingrich finally grasp the reality that his campaign shut down months ago?  Or was it something else?

On strike against work

Unwashed and unwilling to work

On April 28 of this year, the Occupy Wall Street Movement begins to gear up to attempt to influence the presidential election of 2012. Once again, the unwashed, ungrateful and unmotivated will gather in approximately 128 cities around the world—according to the Occupy website—to rail against the success of others.

Mormons Against Mitt

The likability gap of Mitt and the Mormon Church

Gladys Knight is not voting for Mitt Romney - “I would not vote for him just because he is Mormon. I want to know what he is going to do for the people.  I want to see the compassion.”  In a recent interview with BET the famed singer, herself a Mormon, said she wants to see the GOP front-runner “talk about something else besides the money.” Knight’s ambivalence about Romney is shared by at least a handful of her fellow Latter-day Saints.

Mitt Romney and unemployment

Many of the attacks hurled at the president by the Romney campaign are about jobs.  They are usually about how badly the president has handled the economy.  The Romney campaign has made points 

about the unemployment of women under the Obama administration being the “worst” and youth unemployment being double what it is for other groups, and pinning the blame directly on the Obama administration.

Let’s take a look at these two points and see where those claims actually lead, shall we?

Women have lost a total of 693,000 jobs since the month before President Obama took office.  How he is responsible for January 2009 when he took the oath of office during the third week of that month is beyond me, but let us leave that alone.  He’s made to be responsible for it by the Romney campaign.

The Internet News Effect: Turning Voters Into Political Parrots

Eli Pariser and his colleague argue that the search filters for our news are protecting our ideological comfort zone.

There’s no question that we’re experiencing a spike in political and social division in this country, and that as we come closer to the Presidential election, the arguments across the chasm are likely to become louder and more inflammatory. There have also been plenty of claims as to why the national conversation has become to partisan and ideologically charged. Some point to fear over the economy and joblessness, others to government policies under Barack Obama or a new, radical, Republican center. Illegal immigration, reproductive rights, federal spending, and a host of other issues have all served to polarize the political discussion. Eli Pariser, former president of MoveOn.org, and University of Virginia professor Siva Vaidhyanathan, point to another possible culprit: the internet.

When we use a search engine like Google, or log on to a social networking site like Facebook, we are accessing a kind of personalized vault of consumer information. Facebook makes money showing ad banners that have been tailored to our interests based on previous online searches. Similarly, the Google search algorithms attempt to tailor our “hits” to what we’re most likely looking for based on previous activity. For things like car loans, tablecloths, and music downloads, this may be a perfectly harmless way of going about our consumer “research”. However, what happens when you apply the same filters and screening processes to searches for more complex things, like your news?


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