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I bet you thought that the Obama birth certificate story was dead. In
past years, we were hit by tales of President Obama being born in
Kenya, and in outer space, and was grown in a government lab by CDC
scientists. To hinder Obama, machine Republicans pooped out fibs like
the brown stuff from their behinds. These tall tales helped Mr.
Obama, because, they took the attention away from the real
investigation into Obama's birth.

Freedom of the Press - liars!

The Fourth Estate is broken

It’s the day before the 2012 Presidential Elections. I am a political junkie so even though my wife and daughters ask me not to, I listen to every news channel I possibly can. I suspect there are many people—of both political persuasions—who do the same thing. Regardless, it’s maddening to listen to the different sides castigate their opposition and tout their own virtues. I realize my party is doing the same thing as the opposition. I also know that this is a necessary part of campaigning.

The media refuses to protect us

Snickering, self-righteous conspirators

In the past several weeks I’ve seen at least three liberal columnists and several left-leaning newspapers distancing themselves from the President, if not criticizing him outright. I know the mainstream media is heavily invested in Mr. Obama. After all they’re responsible for creating him out of whole cloth and his own ego. If the President doesn’t get re-elected the media loses a great deal of credibility. They simply can’t do this because they’re going broke and retreating to the internet in an effort to stay in business.

Rape is not a gift from God

And neither the hell are you, Richard Mourdock.

If you haven’t heard yet, Richard Mourdock, a Tea Party Republican candidate for Senate, made a statement so heinous yesterday several people I know broke things after hearing him say it. Okay, so did I.

Mourdock said that women should be forced to carry their pregnancies to full term from a rape because said pregnancies are a “gift from God.” Let me tell you something, Rich. Can I call you Rich? My middle name, Jean, literally does mean “gift from God,” so you can feel free to use that one. But a rape, or a pregnancy resulting from rape—which accounts for at least 32,000 pregnancies a year, by the way—is no gift. Are you that stupid, or simply that cruel, Dick? Can I call you dick?

Gunslinger vs. mudslinger

Clint's epic role

Thinking back to the Republican Convention of 2012, I still am enthralled by the presentation of “The Empty Chair” as presented by Hollywood icon Clint Eastwood.  On literally a couple of minutes notice, without notes (or teleprompter in President Obama’s case), Mr. Eastwood gave an extemporaneous performance that was as entertaining as it was brilliant. 

Clint is 82 years old and is still lean, straight and strong.  He is also remarkably reminiscent of the parts he has portrayed in film for over 60 years.  He comes across as a humble, friendly and common man who is nonetheless confident and easy to get along with.  His performance also was testament to his intelligence, common sense and creativity.

Obama Versus Romney

The Contentious Debate

Dick Cheney called in to a conservative talk radio program to comment on Joe Biden’s performance during the Vice President’s Debate. One of Mr. Cheney’s primary criticisms was the manic manner demonstrated by Vice President Cheney while Congressman Ryan was speaking. Biden laughed—at inappropriate time, when conversation about the dead Americans in Libya was being talked about—made bizarre faces, smiled scarily with a mouth lined with rows of sharp, dazzlingly white teeth. Biden made clownish, exaggerated gestures throughout his downtime and forcefully attempted to insert himself into Mr. Ryan’s time to speak.


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