Crazy talk? You decide.

Diaster preparation

OK, here we go. What I have to say will seem hilarious to some, totally ridiculous to others but hopefully will resonate with others, no matter how few they may be. I am not a doom-sayer, let me make that clear. I am a successful businessman with a very nice and normal family. We have lived the good life of a middle-income family throughout the last 40 years. The length of time since my wife and I married and we began our family. I read the other day that the current generation of Americans is living a more luxurious life than the richest rulers of the greatest countries on earth throughout all of history to date. Even the poor among us have access to free medical care, hot food, clothing, shelter and such comfort items as television and libraries.

War on the West

Sharia Law or nothing

Sure, it was a conservative talk show I was listening to when I heard the following, “Muslims will not have completed their jihad until everyone is Muslim or ruled by Muslims.” This is chilling; after all, there are over 2.2 billion Muslims in the world versus just over 3 million Americans in the United States. That’s not only chilling, it’s terrifying. These people—other than whatever modern, technical innovations have been thrust into the Muslim world by Western civilization—haven’t changed since the Stone Age.

Activist alerts

Take a few minutes for some quick action alerts today.

If you normally surf the web with your coffee or your lunch, why not skim over these action items of interest and help change the world a bit while you’re at it?

Pledge to vote for clean energy

We are long overdue for a clean energy policy in this country. It feels as if our own government has given up on the idea entirely, and will colonize Mars before even trying to fix our mistakes here. Let’s hold whoever wins this November accountable for creating a clean energy policy. Click here to make your pledge.

Make a difference in the world

Take some progressive action.

Here are a few things you can do to help improve the world—as well as peoples’ lives—this week.

Volunteer for your local campaign office

It’s getting to be election crunch time, and it’s up to us to make sure we keep this country as progressive as possible—and that means not allowing Mitt Romney to sit in that seat. It’s taken, remember? Find your nearest Obama volunteer headquarters here, or sign up to volunteer here.

Ask Obama to close Guantanamo Bay

Even as we root for him, we must hold President Obama accountable to upholding justice and equality in America. Call for not only the closing of Guantanamo today, but also the investigation of the treatment of detainees like Adnan Abdul Latif, who died after being held at the facility for ten years without charge.

Remembering Troy Davis

Ask that his execution be investigated.

A year has passed since the execution of Troy Davis, a man who was probably innocent. Though further light was shed on his supposed crime that pointed toward his innocence—including statements from Troy that were coerced by police as well as false eyewitness reports—his execution was still performed. Many dub it murder, considering the facts and evidence available, including this blogger.

Hey Mitt, I’m no freeloader

And neither is most of the rest of the nation!

After hearing Mitt Romney’s despicable comments about us freeloaders, I say it’s high time we start campaigning for President Obama. I’ve located our local office and we’re going to start this week.

Seriously, Mitt? Did you mean to give us this incredible ammo against you? Because let me tell you something: I’m no freeloader. Neither is my husband, who has worked full-time since he was sixteen up until his recent layoff (and now works full-time at a lesser-paying job).

My entire family is full of hard workers. Though my husband and I have never been on food stamps, we have used state health insurance for our child (but not ourselves). Growing up, my parents were on and off food stamps a bit due to my dad’s carpentry job, which involved seasonal layoffs. 

Mitt Romney's 47 percent comment

Romney sticking by comments caught on secret tape.

This is definitely a comment that will allow me to explore this issue further in this aptly named blog Free Market Voters. Romney did not back away from the statement and he probably felt that it was in tune with his message of having less government and allowing the economy to be driven by the private sector.

Is Romney really an out-of-touch rich guy or does he have a point? A lot of Americans have taken issue with these comments that hurt the Romney campaign. I do agree that there should be less government intervention and smaller government being a free market voter. But that does not necessarily mean that I like the Republicans and their policies which history has shown has gotten the U.S. economy into trouble.

Hooray for Chik-Fil-A!

The company decides to stop funding anti-gay agendas and makes this blogger happy.

People claimed that they were sooo sick of the “whole Chik-Fil-A thing,” but I maintained over and over again how important it was that we stick to boycotts like this to get change to happen. The company has announced that not only are they NOT going to be funding anti-gay marriage (and other similar campaigns) anymore, but they are also mandating that all customers and employees be treated equally.

This isn’t an “I told you so!” post, however, but simply another reminder that yes, when we use our buying power combined with our voices, things happen—and we need to remember that at all costs. In this case, we also have the city of Chicago to thank, as a city alderman had worked hard to block the fast food company from setting up shop in Chi-town.

Thank you so much to all of the people who supported this campaign, and especially to those who demonstrated that being Christian doesn’t mean discriminating; it means loving everyone the way Jesus did, which many Christians seem to have forgotten along the way.

Job ideas for today's economy

How can the United States create more jobs?

I’ve been watching the elections and looking for work at the same time. The word on each and every candidate’s lips is jobs. But it’s hard to determine whether or not any particular candidate’s job plans will actually work in the economy, which has yet to recover fully. 

The stimulus plan did create jobs; I know because as I am driving around getting frustrated because I am stuck in traffic, I see work projects all around me with union workers and the goal of developing the infrastructure of today’s economy. That said, the government still needs more job creation ideas. 


Here are three articles containing job creation ideas: 

Blessings in disguise

Just sit with that fear and wait for the miracles to appear.

For nearly a month, I have been lamenting about our current situation with family, and frankly I am sick of my own complaining. Yes, I feel like I’ve been wronged. Yes, people who are over fifty years of age have been handling situations like they are children. And yes, I’ve had nightmares, cried more than I have in years, and generally allowed these people to make me feel like dog crap.

That’s right; they couldn’t do it without my permission, after all, could they? It is my responsibility to watch my own heart and only let those in who would do it no harm, and I have been careless. Not caring about what people who obviously do not know me think has proven to be much more difficult that I had ever imagined, and it’s a skill I obviously have much to learn about.


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