Twenty states offer petitions to secede from the United States

The South still has trouble accepting that they lost the Civil War—and, apparently, the 2012 election.

Prior to the 2012 Presidential Election, the news that 51 percent of the population is prejudice against black people struck my heart with horror. I know that such hatred is commonplace, but half of the nation? Really? It’s worse than disgusting and depressing and infuriating; it’s all three wrapped up and more.

Now, after so many people are so outraged with Barack Obama as their president, many are threatening to leave for Canada. I did the same thing myself when GWII was re-elected; instead, I think I just drank a bunch of rum and stayed in bed for two days. But now we have all of these fun people petitioning to secede from the country because of the election results.

It’s just like your best friend screaming, “Give me your toy or I’m not your friend anymore!”

When you’re six.

Rest easy, America: We are in good hands

I, for one, am glad we didn’t have to set the clocks back 70 years.

My husband and I grasped hands tightly as we watched the screen. Romney was in the lead and our eyes met, troubled, even fearful. Would the next three Supreme Court justices put laws on my body, on my child’s body, that rendered us baby machines worthy of death? Would the next president not only have nothing but disdain for the poor—but for half the entire population? Would he fight to make sure my friends can’t marry, that those who starve stay that way?

In many ways, this felt like a life-or-death election, and the relief we experienced when CBS declared President Obama winner—and Claire McCaskill winner in our state of Missouri­—eased out of us like air from taut, painful balloons. We didn’t scream with joy so much as we had in 2008 but instead trembled with gratitude. Four more years never sounded so good.

Facts about rape

Tired of lies spewed by so-called pro-life male candidates? Use this fact guide to refute their points.

So if we’ve learned anything during this election season, it’s that rape is a gift from God, that women’s bodies mysteriously shut down and do not allow themselves to become pregnant during “legitimate” rape, and that incest is, like, really rare—right?

Actually, the only thing I’ve learned is that there are a lot of idiots out there who think they are experts on women’s bodies—and God’s thoughts, I suppose—without ever having been a female or, of course, a God. This irony is laughable, but it’s also much worse, considering that these men want to enact laws on our very bodies.

The media refuses to protect us

Snickering, self-righteous conspirators

In the past several weeks I’ve seen at least three liberal columnists and several left-leaning newspapers distancing themselves from the President, if not criticizing him outright. I know the mainstream media is heavily invested in Mr. Obama. After all they’re responsible for creating him out of whole cloth and his own ego. If the President doesn’t get re-elected the media loses a great deal of credibility. They simply can’t do this because they’re going broke and retreating to the internet in an effort to stay in business.

France advances abortion-friendly law system

Their level of commitment to securing women’s abortion rights puts the U.S. to shame

This week, the French government implemented a change in abortion and contraception laws that will improve conditions for women overall.  They have decided that all abortions shall be fully reimbursed and that contraception will be available and free to minors aged 15 to 18. 

Though this is only a small increase in what the laws in place already were, it really highlights the extreme contrast between France and the U.S., pointing out to me just how backwards we are here in the states.

Inspiring girl dresses up daily

Stella Ehrhart is one admirable eight-year-old.

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love to dress up as different characters or monsters, trying on new personas and having fun with my family. But Stella Ehrhart doesn’t wait for Halloween; she dresses up every day.

Ehrhart, age eight, selects a different female hero every day from the book 100 Most Important Women of the 20th Century, and dresses up as that heroine. Of course, Stella doesn’t stop there. At school, her teacher uses her outfits as inspiration to look up the female heroes online and to teach the class about them and why they are so important.

Rape is not a gift from God

And neither the hell are you, Richard Mourdock.

If you haven’t heard yet, Richard Mourdock, a Tea Party Republican candidate for Senate, made a statement so heinous yesterday several people I know broke things after hearing him say it. Okay, so did I.

Mourdock said that women should be forced to carry their pregnancies to full term from a rape because said pregnancies are a “gift from God.” Let me tell you something, Rich. Can I call you Rich? My middle name, Jean, literally does mean “gift from God,” so you can feel free to use that one. But a rape, or a pregnancy resulting from rape—which accounts for at least 32,000 pregnancies a year, by the way—is no gift. Are you that stupid, or simply that cruel, Dick? Can I call you dick?

Knights of Columbus Charity Group Funding fight against gay marriage

While millions of people are hungry, $16 million goes to making sure gays don’t have equal rights

The Knights of Columbus are a Catholic group of no small renowned, their number of members totaling somewhere around two million.  The organization does plenty to help with a variety of charitable causes, but they also like to spend their money to promote political agendas.  Apparently, more than $16 million of their dollars have been spent since the year 2005, all of it to fund anti-gay marriage movements.


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