Here’s Where Your Tax Dollars Go

Stop blaming “welfare mamas” when we’re policing the planet.

Property taxes, corporate tax breaks, so-called welfare mamas… why do all of the Americans who complain about these things not address the real thing that costs us so much money—our military?

I must vehemently state that I do not mean paying our military men and women what they were promised—health benefits, education, and so on. We skimp on that way too much as it is and I, for one, would like to see some more spending there—particularly in treating any people with PTSD and all of the homeless vets living out on the street. It’s simply unconscionable.

The Strangest Anti-Gay Video

Maybe this woman is using reverse-psychology...

Firstly, I’d like to say that even though this woman is completely incomprehensible and not a word of what she says makes any sense in any language that I know—not even in terms of beat poetry—when she opens her mouth, I have to admit that this is pretty much how every bigoted, homophobic person sounds to me when they speak, as if their collective traps are rumbling out disjointed, incoherent diarrhea, and you only wish they’d do the respectable thing and head to the nearest toilet to keep the rest of us from having to witness the disgustingness of it all.

Kudos to Lincoln, Nebraska for trying to pass an ordinance that will help protect gays and lesbians—but boy do these open comment sessions bring out the most trollsome people you could ever meet. Where does this woman get all of her information from? She suggests that children with gay parents sit around and rape each other and have the lowest test scores, that gay sex causes death and the rupture of intestines (creating a “homicider” or “fatality,” in her own words), that Hillary Clinton is gay and that women become lesbians by being drugged, and plenty of other outlandish comments.

The Occupy Wall Street protestors might have a point after all

This article looks at the whole thing in a new light

It seems to be that 2012 has panned out the same way that 2011 did so far with emerging markets really getting head and the US and other developed countries falling further into debt that could actually become unsustainable.

Europe has continued to be in trouble and Greece has gotten bailed out again. As for the U.S., it is the dollar that is still having its hegemony across the globe and so any debt that it accumulates really doesn’t matter when you really analyze the situation.

Some will evolve; some simply won't

Skulls of mush

I don’t really blame all young people. They simply don’t have the wisdom, knowledge or emotional skill-set necessary to reason in a lucid, rational and mature manner—that’s why they’re kids. They are learning, experiencing and hopefully for all of us, evolving.

On the other hand, there are some of those “kids” who I don’t believe will ever evolve and those are the ones that could very well muck up everything. True, that element has always been lurking around the fringes of the crowd, but there are more of them today and their moral deformity is greater than ever. For the first time in history, a society has been created that caters to their mindset and which supports them physically as well as psychologically.

Arizona takes a step backwards in health care

Arizona is already one of the most restrictive states when it comes to abortion laws.  They have enacted the 20-week maximum limit, require women to consult a doctor right before having an abortion and have limited the types of abortions that nurse practitioners are allowed to perform.  Now, a new law aimed at limiting it even further has just been passed that will have further-reaching consequences than just dealing with abortion.

The Whole Woman’s Health Funding Priority Act bans all health providers from receiving state funding if they in any way perform or are associated with those who perform abortions.  This limitation to state funding does not just pull from abortions, but also from every other health-related service that these facilities provide.  Family planning, birth control, sex education, cancer screenings, counseling and other general care services will all suffer.

Gay Rights Labeled Propaganda in St. Petersburg, Russia

Russia is known more for its highly religious population and legacy of hard-line communist rule than for civil rights.  Both the Russian government and its people have a history of notoriously anti-gay sentiments.  The recent mayor of Moscow has expressed his belief that Gay Pride parades are satanic and a recent poll showed that 74 percent of Russians believe that those who practice LGBT lifestyle are either “amoral” or “mentally defective.”  This does create an environment that is conducive to making progress in the realm of rights for this minority of Russian society.  Until 1993, being gay was considered a crime, but even now that it has been legalized there are still many hurdles to overcome.

Protect the gun owners; leave the gays behind

Missouri has embarrassed me yet again.

Do I love my state? I don’t have an attachment to it over any other state, really. My progressive friends across the nation—and the ocean—cheer me on for living here as a voice of opposition against the far right-wingers we’ve got in Missouri, but the truth is that if I had the funds to relocate and a nice place to move to (either coast would be nice, though I’m partial to the Eastern seaboard), my family and I would do it. Somewhere blue would be nice—and I do mean that in a political sense.

In my state, there’s plenty of discrimination. One form of discrimination that is most heinous is that you can get FIRED for simply being gay; it’s not illegal in any sense. The “Don’t Say Gay” bill that Missourians are considering right now—another blow to both my heart and my growing sense of humiliation—is a reflection of just how much my state considers LGBT citizens to be less than people.

My husband is not our principal

Our homeschooling is a family partnership, not a hierarchy.

Being a homeschooler makes you run across some pretty crazy things sometimes. No, it’s not all stereotypes—pasty-faced, sun-deprived children who kneel on rice to memorize times tables; in fact, it’s quite the opposite, with much more freedom, travel, joy, and equality between family members. Well, at least in my family, and in some of the families that I know.

But I also follow a few homeschooling blogs that seem a little weird to me—particularly the Catholic and general Christian ones, which is no surprise, since zombie worshipers seem weird to me anyway. Whatever gets you through the night—just don’t force it down my throat (or my kid’s). This practice, though, where the mother is the teacher and the father is the principal—it’s just weird and sort of creepy and completely and totally misogynistic to me. Aside from the entire fact that it’s putting his power over his wife’s (and child’s), it’s also against the very reason I—and many other families—homeschool in the first place.

Why is the dad the principal? Because he’s the head of the household in these families? I guess if you are breeding 15 kids you might need somebody to run the administrative and disciplinary sides of things, but most of the families that I know—mine included—feel that the absence of such hierarchy is a boon, just another one of hundreds of good reasons to homeschool.


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