Getting Rid Of Pot Convictions

It never ceases to amaze me how the government is legally able to repress and ruin lives every day. From allowing citizens to die without healthcare, to outlawing abortion, legalizing discrimination against LGBTQ people, sanctioned state violence and, yes, our for-profit prison system, we are far from the land of the free that so many like to think we are. That doesn't mean we should "love it or leave it," as some would scorn, but that we need to keep working towards a better tomorrow by combatting these issues, just like our ancestors did for us.

Surviving The Day's Politics

Between this administration's refusal to do anything about our environmental crisis, which could cause our entire society to collapse within 30 years if ignored, its war on people with uteri and demand to promote the life of a clump of cells over existing people and all the little things--like allowing Russia to hack our elections, instituting tariffs on already broke people and so forth--it's been one of the most stressful times to be

Women Deserve More Rights Than Corpses

We have at least 700 maternal deaths per year. Many of them are preventable with quality care and, yes, abortion. That doesn't include the thousands of pregnancy-related diseases, complications and injuries women sustain and are affected by for life. There are also over 400,000 children in the U.S. foster care system. With these statistics in mind, as well as the lengths desperate women have gone to in the past to save their lives through back-alley abortions before Roe vs.

Kids Keep Dying in U.S. Custody

As migrant children continue to die in our custody, be assaulted by their "caregivers" and never see their parents again, are you thinking about how this makes us monsters? What on earth are we going to do about this? There's absolutely nothing that can be done to make up for the harm already inflicted, but the children that are still in custody need to be reuinited with their families.

Environmental 10-Year Challenge

So many "10 year challenges" are making their ways around the Internet, and while some of them have been fun, such as the share your first Facebook photo and your latest one, many have been offensive, nasty and, in this case, depressing. Greenpeace released a 10-year challenge featuring photos of the environment from 10 years ago versus our environment today and we can't say we're all that shocked. Can you?

March for Our Lives

This Saturday, March 24, will be the day of the March for Our Lives event across the country. The mission is simple: the people demand that their lives become a priority over guns and that school shootings be stopped. It is outrageous when a politician can enact legislation against storing pets in plane storage one day after a terrible act yet still remain inactive on this issue after deaths every week.

No Prison Visits for You

If you're sent to prison, for any reason, you're usually still allowed visitors. It may be on certain dates during certain times, but you can still see your loved ones face to face, which is important since we are, after all, social mammals who need that kind of contact. Now some prisons are canceling all in-person visits, instead forcing inmates to see their loved ones via video chat

There is No "Two Sides" When It Comes to Nazis

Like 45, plenty of people are saying that "both sides" were violent at a Charlottesville Unite the Right rally this week and we all know that saying something like that is complete baloney. Can you imagine saying that both sides were in the wrong during the Halocaust? That's the kind of reasoning that Donald Trump would have you use, which really doesn't involve much reasoning and a lot of parroting.

Resistance Round-Up

Have you been taking action against Trump and company ever since January? Here are a few action items of note this week. Keep in mind that a phone call or better yet, an in-person visit is the most powerful, so use these online petitions as jumping off points. You can also write letters to your local paper about these issues or call your radio station


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