Little Acorn Learning

An Affordable Waldorf Curriculum for Early Childhood Education

As against mandatory curricula as I am, I am all in favor of an agreed upon set of lessons or programs that both children and their parents enjoy. One such program is the Little Acorn Learning program. It’s much more affordable than many other curriculums that homeschoolers insist upon buying, and it’s filled with natural daily rhythms to follow, crafts, recipes, and so many other delightful things to do.

We don’t use the guides that we have purchased in their entirety. As unschoolers, we typically piece together whatever we like and discard the rest. But what I have found out about Little Acorn Learning is that most of the activities offered are quite fun. In our September guide, for example, we learned all about squirrels and nuts—including how to make our own homemade nut butter. We did songs, fingerplays, field trips, drawings, and other adventures. These are not only the kinds of things that I want my child to learn, but also the kinds of things that she wants to learn in the first place—making it a win for all of us around.

Crazy Mild Weather Product Of Crazy Climate Change

...or not. Trends generally require more than a single instance of picnicking in January.

Two years ago my wife and I spent the holidays at her parents’ house. It wasn’t because we were visiting them in some far flung location. They live in the same city. It was because almost five feet of snow fell on Christmas Eve, our little midtown neighborhood wouldn’t see a plow for days, and our little midtown car wasn’t going to navigate the roads. It is Omaha, Nebraska, after all, and these things happen. This year, however, I went for a run on January 4th outside, in shorts and a t-shirt, enjoying a mid-winter day that saw a record high of 66 degrees. Nebraska is not alone in experiencing this unseasonably mild weather.

Study shows Gestational Diabetes more Prevalent in Women who live in Poverty and links to ADHD in Child

Poverty brings with it a whole host of possible health issues, now gestational diabetes and ADHD in the children tops the list.

Issues that mothers have to face when they live below the poverty level are numerous; now add to that gestational diabetes and possible ADHD in their children.

Fracking Connected To Ohio Earthquakes

Fracking and the subsequent underground disturbances may have helped to cause nine unusual earthquakes in Youngstown, Ohio.


f you had told people a hundred years ago that humans would develop a way to cause an earthquake, they probably would have looked at you like you were crazy. Since the development of the atom bomb, we’ve now realized that people can invent all sorts of ways to destroy ourselves and our environment…even accidentally. In November it was announced that a gas company in England had caused a series of small quakes by the use of fracking for natural gas deposits. Now, it seems, residents in Youngstown, Ohio are experiencing a similar disturbance.

“Fracking” is the process of injecting pressurized wastewater into bedrock and literally cracking the rocks, and then extracting the natural shale gas trapped within. Fracking has been highly politicized, and has become a regional environmental fight in the several areas in which it is being used, including Ohio. Although fracking was not supposed to cause seismic events, residents in Youngstown experienced nine quakes around a fracking injection site. In this case it was not from the fracking itself, but from the breaking up of subterranean sandstone to store the wastewater from the fracking. However, this wastewater leaked into a pre-existing fault-line, acting as a lubricant that helped the rock faces of the fault to slip, creating an earthquake.

U.S. Energy Policies for the New Year


According to the head of the U.S. oil industry, if our country were to loosen the reins on our policies, our country could become completely self-sufficient (with regards to oil consumption) within the next 15 years.

The head of the American Petroleum Institute, Jack Gerad, contacted congress to do away with any un-necessary energy policies. What is his reason for doing this? Some of these policies he is trying to eradicate would allow for more jobs and help to improve the economy. Some policies currently in place inhibit our nation’s energy supply and are a detriment to national security.

Global Warming: Are We Toast or What?

Facts and Logic Part 8

This has been a constant subject of debate between both sides since Al Gore released his film “A Hard Truth”. Scientist unanimously agree that the earth is warming, there are groups, outside the scientific community that disagree. The heated discussion is: is this alleged global warming caused by us humans?”

But before we make any decisions about Global Warming, let look at the facts. Facts that have been researched by scientists, not some self-proclaimed expert.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is catching the Attention of Massage Therapists

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is becoming more and more prevalent in American women and massage techniques could help.

The Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies is taking a hard look at a syndrome that is estimated to effect one out of 10 American women stating, “if massage therapists knew how to recognize a potential case, what to suggest to affected clients and which modality to include in a session, the massage profession could make a big impact on this common condition.”

How Women have Changed our Lives

Inventions that have helped family life, increased productivity and saved lives.

Women have always been an essential part of life in whatever decade they live in. They raise children, some fought for equal rights. Many women hold top positions in both business and politics. Still some women used their minds to create the things that we use today, the very things that changed the way we live from the life we could’ve lived.

France Attempts to Quell Women’s Fears over Defective Breasts Implants

The health minister of France says there is no medical need to remove breast implants developed by now-defunct French Company Poly Implant Prothese

Breast Implants are at the center of a health alert that has been issued in regards to a product that was manufactured by Poly Implant Prothese (PIP). The alert says that these implants seem to have a higher than average rupture rate.

Donate Your Old Socks to Science

Help scientists study the rare fisher weasel

I must confess that I do not throw away old socks. I pretty much don’t throw away anything, to tell you the truth. The apple and cheese platter I had for lunch? It’s sitting in my office, cleaned and ready to be used to hold paint. And every sock that has a hole in it goes into an orange box where it will ultimately be turned into a puppet, sooner or later.

But what if your hoarded—I mean reused!—refuge could be used for something more meaningful and important, such as studying a rare form of animal? Researchers at the UC Davis Sierra Nevada Adaptive Management Program are using old socks to help attract and study the rare Pacific fisher weasel.


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