Trump: It Wasn't Me

Shaggy's song "It Wasn't Me" always got on my nerves as a teen. I loved the singer but the song made such a fool out of both the speaker and his girlfriend that it really irritated me. She saw you, man! It was you! Well, now that Shaggy is finally admitting that it was, in fact, him all along (which makes it much more fun and hilarious), we have a new Trump parody to enjoy as well.

Rosie Won't Play Bannon After All

Come on, Rosie O’Donnell! We were all so excited when you said you’d be up for playing the role of Steve Bannon on Saturday Night Live. Now Rosie is saying that she won’t do it because she’s not a member of the SNL cast. That seems like a strange reason why after she seemed so enthusiastic about it, so I’m thinking it’s really because either A. logistics or creative differences are keeping her away from the gig or B.


I bet you thought that the Obama birth certificate story was dead. In
past years, we were hit by tales of President Obama being born in
Kenya, and in outer space, and was grown in a government lab by CDC
scientists. To hinder Obama, machine Republicans pooped out fibs like
the brown stuff from their behinds. These tall tales helped Mr.
Obama, because, they took the attention away from the real
investigation into Obama's birth.

I'd rather an atheist hold office

Select states fearful of a godless person holding office.

As a person who doesn't associate with any organized religion, I'm shocked by how much religion plays into politics. Too many people think that we live in a "Christian" nation, but the fact is we don't. We live in a place that provides freedom of religion to all, as put forth in the Constitution of the United States, the First Amendment, to be exact. (Hey, I paid attention in government class.)

You can tell it's the Electoral Season when everyone starts acting like dicks (more so than usual)

That slight explosion means that Obama won. Good to know!

Above pic by Daryl Cagle

For the past couple week’s my Facebook, Tumblr, and even work atmosphere has been filled with the above. It’s a little funny (but not much) how crazily dehumanizing the electoral season can get, and I’ve been eagerly awaiting the election to end. It was a bit odd that there wasn’t much fuss today at work, but that could have been mostly because I was too busy to notice.

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