Undecided voters...really?

“The persuadables” represent a substantial percentage of voters.

During every election, we spend a lot of time talking about “undecided voters.” This powerful but confused group that cannot decide between two political parties that have been turned – for the sake of convenience and dramatics – into polar opposites on nearly every issue. We are told that there are people out there who look at Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, and feel that they could go either way. Is that really possible in a political environment where agreeing with the other party means political suicide? When having any common ground is discouraged, how can there be room for uncertainty about your choice of candidate?

Election poll confusion

Recent poll results

Well, who knows what to think? Last week Romney was on top in the polls and this week it’s Obama! Sure, there are the conventions of the last several weeks and the poll results could be a barometer of how well each party did. Or, not!

In a nutshell, the Republican convention was designed to introduce Mr. Romney to America on a personal level. This may be absolutely necessary since few people actually know who he is. However, other than Clint Eastwood, it did not make for riveting television—even for Republicans.

The road to the October debates

The presidential election is less than 60 days away.

The Obama-Romney debates are going to be a must-watch, with Mitt Romney having better practice since he has been doing this consistently over the last year. These presidential debates have had their moments in history with the infamous incident of President George H.W. Bush looking at his watch in the 1992 Town Hall debate.

The final debate that is centered on foreign policy may be a walkover for President Obama, who will talk about the killing of al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden and the success in Libya. Romney should counter by talking about the President revealing too much information about national security issues and the threat of Iran.

No critical thinking for the GOP

It’s medieval thought for everyone in this country or else!

Many of the heinous parts of the Republican platform have been brought to light over the past week, but one that’s been virtually ignored—possibly due to the way it was worded—is the party’s stance on critical thinking.

One part of the Republican platform is actually opposing critical thought—or, as it was worded, Higher Order Thinking Skills. The republicans claim that this is in opposition to not only Outcome-Based Education (which is a good thing), but also that it challenges student beliefs and authority, which is SUCH a bad thing! Because heaven forbid that beliefs be challenged and students either A. change their opinions based on new knowledge, thus becoming adults and better citizens or B. strengthen their opinions with the challenges that debate and critical thinking employ.

I know much of what the republicans stand for is just plain wonky to a lot of us, but shouldn’t most people be outraged by this? Honestly, if you aren’t living in a cave, stockpiling weapons and training your children to be in your cult of the purple kool-aid, you should be demanding more critical thinking skills, not prohibiting them! How the hell else are we going to move forward and fix the problems we’ve created? 1984, anyone?

The differences between the Republican and Democratic Conventions

Go Democrats!


I have only caught glimpses of the political conventions, but a common theme seems to be running through the conventions when I compare the Republican National Convention to the Democratic National Convention

The Republican National Convention was full of chants, nonsense and public speakers who were more concerned about promoting themselves. A case in point would be Governor Christie who talked about teachers being at the mercy of unions. Another case in point would be Ann Romney, who was charming and delightful, but who also proved that some of of the myths regarding her religious affiliations are true. 

Four wasted years

No more time to waste

The Tea Party has struck fear deeply into Liberal hearts. Instead of gathering in the streets in an unorganized gaggle—beating, raping and robbing each other—while waiting to see who will donate something to eat for dinner; they have been quietly working their rear off. Tea Party giants within the Republican Party have been maneuvering into positions of power and influence within the senate and house. Should the Republicans win the Presidency the balance of power in Congress will favor Conservatives.

Mitt Romney RNC Speech

Romney reminded us about the greatness of America and how important this election is.

I had all but decided that President Obama should be reelected so that he can be given a chance to guide the United States toward a path of prosperity without having to worry about his job security. But watching and listening to this speech by Mitt Romney at the RNC has changed my mind.

Mitt Romney Speech "RNC" Republican National Convention !

Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan at the 2012 RNC

Paul Ryan's roadmap

Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan had a big night giving his speech at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. Ryan has laid the foundation for Mitt Romney's much anticipated remarks on Thursday night. But the problem is that as much as conservatives and the Republican party loves him, Ryan has gotten bad press for being responsible for much of the debt load that we are facing right now.


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