Palin Gives a Less Than Impressive Speech Behind Closed Doors in Hong Kong

Sarah Palin, the failed Vice Presidential hopeful, attempted to make her move on the international stage today without much of a splash. Palin, who apparently did not get the hint during her disastrous defeat in the 2008 when she, by many accounts, helped to sink McCain's grab for the White House seems to think that she still has some hope of a political career and is apparently trying gain some sense of credibility for the next presidential elections

Women Who are Victims of Domestic Violence Can Legally Be Denied Health Coverage

In the recent health care hoopla we have been hearing a lot about the trouble with preexisting conditions and the insurance companies that shamelessly deprive people of treatment because they refuse to cover anything that is a preexisting condition from serious health problems to simple acne. But you might not have been aware of the fact that several states allow insurance companies to deny health care coverage to women who are victims of domestic violence by considering domestic violence a preexisting condition.

House Votes to Punish Wilson for Outburst

Today the house passed a vote to punish Joe Wilson for his out burst during President Obama's speech on health care earlier this month. The “Resolution of Disapproval” won a strong majority with a vote of 240 to 179, which is not surprising given the out rage that was caused over the incident. The vote included 7 Republican supporters in favor of the resolution.

Conservative Hypocrisy? GOP Gives Free Health Care to Iraqi Citizens But Not Americans

In all of the hysteria that we are hearing from Republicans on the Health Care issue who deny that health care is a basic human right for American citizens they seem to have failed to mention one tiny little fact, that they gave guaranteed, universal health care to Iraqi citizens but they are denying it to Americans.

If you have not yet heard of Article 31 of the Iraqi constitution which was drafted during the Bush Administration you may find it quite surprising. The article guarantees the right of health care to every Iraqi citizen and charges the government of Iraq with the responsibility and duty to “maintain public health and provide the means of prevention and treatment.”

Is It Time for the Republicans to Finally Concede the Election?

The recent 2008 Presidential Election was perhaps one of the most heated and polarized campaigns in recent history for the US. And while in times past we would have simply shaken off the dust, respected the office of President and gotten back to the business of running a nation, the extremists in the Republican party are refusing to accept the fact that the majority of American voters wanted Barak Obama to fill that seat in the White House, that they wanted the “socialist agenda” that they are crying fowl over. It was that very agenda that got him elected because quite frankly, the idea of McCain and Palin running a PTA meeting much less a country frightened the daylights out of every rational mind in the free world.

It's been awhile...

August 12, 2009

Dear Secret Diary,

It's been awhile since I've had time to write in my secret diary. I've been stuck trying to explain to old Republicans and hillbillies that Medicare IS government healthcare, and that we will not take it away from them. Sheesh. I've had to tour the country following these fear mongering Righties telling them that we will not be bulldozing them into pauper's graves when they turn 65. Sometimes this country amazes me, I'm running out of hope, HA! Just kiddin' ;) 

There's a Slight Hitch With That Whole Closing Down Guantanamo Thing

The Washington Post today reported that the Obama administration has backed away from plans to send prisoners still stuck on Guantanamo to the U.S. Instead, they're going to try and talk other countries into taking all of them, something that will undoubtedly go well: "hey, we're too scared to take these terrorists, so, umm, can you take them? KTHXBye." So far, that's not working out so well as the only countries that have been down with accepting some of the prisoners are Bermuda and Palau- both of whom decided to accept seventeen Uighurs- a small ethnic group of Chinese Muslims.

Will the Nuclear Industry Hitch an Expensive Ride on Obama?

Is it true that the nuclear industry is lobbying hard for money in the wave of Obama's push for cleaner energy? You bet your reactor donuts, Homer. The American nuclear industry and its friends in Congress are basically doing everything they can to take over Obama's green economy plans. The details? 100 new reactors over the next 20 years. Get some coffee, that's going to mean a lot of donuts for an army of Homer Simpsons.

Congress passes regulations on Credit Cards - everyone is happy

As has been reported in various outlets, yesterday Congress passed the Credit Card Holders Bill of Rights Act (2009), and sent it on over to President Obama to sign off on. The bill covers a variety of practices that range from shady to downright dishonest. As someone who had a very nice letter from his bank earlier this year informing me that, though they deeply regretted it, they were forced to raise my APR and lower my credit limit by forty dollars, thus putting me over the limit and allowing them to charge me for that particular pleasure, I’m pretty pleased about this. Even if it does come six months too late for me. Unless my bank was going to try that stunt again. They’d never do that, would they?


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