Sarah Palin’s botched attempt to support Trump

Gets a good laugh from the crowd

Former Republican Vice Presidential candidate and failed Alaskan governor Sarah Palin stumped for Trump last Wednesday, with disastrous results. The speech in Milwaukee garnered very little applause for either Trump or Palin, although many of the 750 people in the audience laughed when Palin said that “Trump talks rationally.”

Ted Cruz sex scandal rumors continue to build

Is this what Trump is threatening Cruz with?

Trump has been taunting Cruz recently, threatening to tell the American public something if Cruz doesn’t back off. Meanwhile, rumors about Cruz’s marital infidelity have been looming for weeks. Until now, most of the rumors have been about Cruz hooking up with his then-campaign consultant, a woman who is now Donald Trump’s national spokeswoman.

Ted Cruz hilariously campaigns in NYC

Despite openly hating it

Ted Cruz has been pretty harsh on New York City in the past. He recently slammed “New York values,” a cryptic phrase that may or may not have been homophobic, anti-Semitic, and who knows what else? But that didn’t stop him from campaigning in NYC recently, where his appearance on the high-rent Upper East Side drew a modest crowd of a fewl hundred people.

Donald Trump phones it in (literally)

Refuses to do TV interviews

Trump's campaign is getting weirder by the minute. In the latest news, Trump is now refusing to do television interviews, reportedly because he dislikes the way he looks on television. Finding himself unable to control the shot on someone else's television show, he has decided to go a different route: from this point forward, apparently he will only phone in.


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